The most important part of our Chapter is YOU!

Sarasota Bay NIGP Chapter has now adopted NIGP’s Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement.

Jan. 11 Regular Meeting
Jan. 28 Training: Managing Your End Users and Suppliers 
Mar. 15 Training: Pizzazz and Performance I & II – Chapter Meeting: Afterwards
May 10 Chapter Visit from NIGP – Topic: Guiding Values and Principles (Keith Glatz)
Jul. 12 Training: Gifts Differing/ Myers-Briggs – Chapter Meeting: Afterwards
Sep. 13 Regular Meeting w/ Nominations for Chapter Officers
Nov. 8 Webinar – What is MEASURE? (by Jonthan White)
Jan. 10 Regular Meeting – New 2012 Officers



QUICK POLL – We want your input regarding Chapter Provided Training and Chapter Meetings. The Chapter has looked into several classes/trainings offered by Sarasota County. The training sessions are approximately 3-4 hours each. One training would be the entire day. Please answer the poll below.

Please bear with us as we try to implement this new tool to better serve our local NIGP members.

Go to “Topics and Discussions” to get started now!

The Sarasota Chapter NIGP is committed to:

  • Providing member recognition for best practices to encourage membership growth and participation in opportunities to further education, attend training or attend the annual national NIGP Forum.
  • Taking a leadership position in discussing current issues affecting the purchasing profession. NIGP will provide members with a collaborative, learning environment that encourages professional growth.�
  • Creating a strong environment of mutual sharing and learning by fostering networking opportunities through monthly meetings, regular newsletters, job listings and contact information.


The Sarasota Chapter NIGP has created this new “BLOG” site. The site is intended to provide a forum or workspace that transends email chains and static web pages. The goal is to create a dynamic site that will share current and relevent information in an engaging and timely manner.


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